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Brand Identity Questionnaire

1: Please fill out the Brand Identity Questionnaire.

2: Read the Letter of Agreement (contract) PDF.

3: Sign with your E-signature to approve project terms.

4: Please pay the 50% deposit by choosing your payment method.

5: Add 5-10+ brand inspiration images to your Pinterest board.

Once these steps are complete, a business name is provided, and the 50% deposit has been received & cleared, the project will commence and you can expect a first proof via email within 3-5 weeks. The Letter of Agreement outlines payment details. Thank you!



Brand Identity Questionnaire

The questions in this prompt will help us understand your goals in terms of

the look/voice/feel of your new brand. Thanks for taking the time to answer!


Letter of Agreement

Please review the project terms in the PDF below.



Electronic Signature

Please sign below if you agree to the project terms

outlined in the Letter of Agreement.



Payment Options

Please choose a payment option below.

Please make check payable to:

Abigail Towne

44311 Fir Rd

Gold Bar, WA 98215

Note: a first proof will be sent 3-5 weeks after the check has been received, deposited, and cleared and once a business name has been provided.


Or pay the 50% deposit via the Venmo platform - payable to username Abigail-Towne.


Pinterest Board

Please gather 5-10+ images on your Pinterest board so we know what design style appeals to you. What would your ideal company mood board look like? Start by defining your brand with a few key words and find logos/visuals/brand identity examples that you feel align with your vision.



Once we have received your inspiration, Abby will take your imagery to design a brand mood board, ensuring we're on the same page in terms of style. Once the mood board is approved, the logo design phase will commence.