A collection of images, text and colors that aim to communicate potential

branding avenues for Pinnacle Risk Strategies. Feedback is always welcome.

Clean & simple compass mark.

Strong typography, simple icon, professional & trustworthy colors.

Typography style direction.

Professional word mark paired with a simple & memorable icon. Shield symbolizes strength & protection.

Mountain peak inspiration (will become more abstract when represented as an icon.)

PRS monogram inspiration.  Business name would be included below in a complimentary font. Mustard/gold pairs well with forest green palette.

Abstract mountain peak, professional font and color scheme.

Maine mountain-esque. I'll avoid the hand drawn feel for PRS but the mountain peaks are iconic and memorable.

Shades of gray & granite for color inspiration.

El Capitan granite face at Yosemite - subdued color palette & photography inspiration.

Ignoring the type style, I like the strength and simplicity in the mountain icon.

Topographic lines to symbolize an interconnected system/bird's eye view, playing on the notion that you develop strategies to help organizations achieve their goals to maximize benefits for themselves and their clients.

Liking the simple compass reference and pop of red-orange. Ignoring the sans serif type style.

Forest green color inspiration.

Simple oak icon paired with legible, professional type. Trustworthy.

Nice color palette. Another shield reference to symbolize trust, safety, and protection. Deer icon would be replaced but the art style would remain.

Approachable type paired with a simple, legible monogram.

Pop of red with forest green. Another monogram style we could explore for a secondary mark.

Do you feel that this collection of imagery relates to the target audience you want to address?

Feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below if we missed the mark.

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