Whole30 Program

Apparel Concepts

STEP 1: Review the revised proposal dates

 STEP 2:  Add inspiration to your Pinterest board or send via email

STEP 3: Sign the Letter of Agreement

STEP 4: Please pay the $200 deposit via Venmo

Once these steps are complete, the project will commence. Thanks for working with us!



Review Revised Proposal PDF



 Pinterest Board for Image/Style Inspiration

You now have a Pinterest board for our collaboration! We encourage our clients to Pin 5-7 visual examples to get us on track for the overall feel of your brand.



Read the Letter of Agreement PDF & E-sign



Please Pay Deposit

Please pay a down payment of $200. Once received, the project will commence.

This deposit will be applied towards your end total.

Contact Abby Towne at atownedesign@gmail.com with any questions.
Thank you for taking the time to complete these steps!